Technology-inclined eCommerce company located in New York, we started Fairteks to offer people modern products they use every day. Our requirements are that these products have been enhanced or upgraded with technology. The tech doesn’t need to be as drastic as a GPS locator (but it can). Our products just need to make your life simpler compared to using the same products without tech.

The Fairteks Vision

When we think about how much we depend on our tech gadgets, it becomes clear that most of us would be lost without our smartphones. Then if we take a bigger look, many of the products we use every day have tech enhancements we take for granted. 

Our vision comes from two perspectives. First, we want to be a recognizable brand that offers tech advice about the products we sell. Second, we want to go deeper and give updates to our customers and readers about the tech world. 

Our Mission 

Fairteks provides technology-inclined products, tech advice, and tech-based commentary about the products that make our modern lives easier. 

The Fairteks Promise

Our vision and mission work together to form Fairteks' promise to approach each customer with technology-inclined practical products and advice. We make this promise because we believe strongly in some key core values:

  • Honesty

As a business virtue, honesty is crucial to the success of any business, especially those that sell online. To support honest transactions, we practice transparency in everything we do. There will never be any hidden fees or other costs you don’t understand. We believe straightforward and honest best is the best way to do business.

  • Professionalism

At Fairteks, we believe ordinary technology-inclined products bring convenience to our everyday lives. This means with every transaction we’ll help you enjoy your items with tips on how to get the most out of them.

What Makes Fairteks Better than Other Retailers Offering the Same Products?

Simple! We provide valuable information that goes with the items so you can get the most out of your purchases. Other factors that make us stand out are:

  • The Products - Our product selection is big. Navigate to the search box for a specific item.
  • Customer Service - With five-star customer service, the secret is out. Fairteks is a leader in customer service.
  • Consultations - We provide free consultations about the products you love.



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